Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weepy & Pathetic...

I just watched one of my favorite movies ever, The Holiday, and I'm finding that nearly every time I watch it, I relate to a different character in the movie. This time, I am relating to Graham, the Jude Law character. When Amanda is confessing that she never cries, Graham tells her he cries all the time, at commercials, a good book, a hallmark card... Anything and everything sets him off. I know that's not the direct quote, but you get the gist. Do you see where I'm going with this? I have become so weepy! Seeing movies, commercials, blogs, my eyes tear up, and I sniffle, and cry my little tears about nothing. I saw the movie "Life as we know it" with Josh Duhamel,(wiping my drool) and Katherine Heigl, and maybe there was 12 minutes throughout the whole movie that I wasn't wiping moisture off my face... The person sitting next to me was getting super annoyed with my weeping. And then I went to Time out for Women this past weekend, needless to say, anyone who's ever been knows to bring tissues. And the first time I saw one of those St Judes cancer commercials, with the little bald kids, I was nearly inconsolable, David was hugging me, trying to comfort me, and I was balling, "I hope our kid comes out healthy"... I'm a huge bawl baby.

And now for the pathetic part of the blog... (Yes, I did read the top paragraph)
I had another Doctors appt yesterday, I'm now at 28 weeks! This appointment was not the most fun, I had to do my glucose test, and get a shot. The glucose one is super fun, I had to fast for 12 hours before, and then drink a yucky sugary drink, wait an hour, and then have my blood drawn. Yay for needles! NOT. And at the same appointment, I had to get a shot to counteract my negative blood type, and I thought adults could get their shots in the arm?? But no, this one went in a different spot altogether. Lets just say I sat on a pillow for the rest of the day. So I was feeling yucky from the glucose stuff, got a shot in an unmentionable place, and got my blood taken. It was not a fun doctors appointment. Hopefully I will get the results from my test today, and hopefully I pass so that I don't have to go on any diets or other weird things. So yeah, I'm pretty pathetic. And don't get me started on weight... As I'm writing this, my kid is kicking me in the ribs. :-)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting ready for the Baaaabbyy...

My cute crib has been sitting in the babys room in pieces for the past few months... And there were reasons for that, we were cleaning the carpet, getting the room ready, and I just hadn't got to put to crib together. But this weekend, I had the time, and energy, and we put the crib up. I got it before I knew I was having a boy, but I think that the white looks really cute with the bedding I picked out.

This isn't the greatest quality picture, as it was taken with the cell phone, but here is our current baby in the crib. She wasn't all that pleased to be in there. Haha! Love the brown and blue polka dots though!! Poor Bella.

It was a fun weekend, hanging out with my husband and getting stuff together for the baby. In less than 3 months, we're going to have our lives turned upside down with our new little guy.

Can't wait to meet him!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Nothing to blog about...

While this week has been full of excitement and drama, none if it has really been my drama, so there's not a whole lot I can blog about. So while I don't have anything to blog, about here's some random robin thoughts.

David and I went and registered for baby stuff. I was so proud, he made it almost halfway through the store before he was "done." I added the rest online. It was like the blind leading the blind... "Do we need this?" "What kind of bottles??" "How many pacifiers?" I let him hold the gun, and do the scanning, but I had to go in and delete some of the pink girly stuff he scanned. I'm pretty sure he knows we're having a boy...
Molly and I finished the baby shower invites, and she mailed them the other day. But don't ask her about them, its a sensitive subject, and "she's over it." I think they're super cute tho.
We made milkshakes the other night, and coined the term "leche de shakques". Respect the new word. We used a half gallon of chocolate ice cream, and shared that between the two of us. I got sick, Moe didn't.
Davids car is taking forever getting fixed, and he's driving a toyota crapolla, I mean corolla, as a rental car. Refer the the DMV blogpost.
My husband & I worked out in the yard most of last weekend playing with a weedwacker, with my six and half month pregnant tummy. I'm training my little guy to do yardwork.
My little man is getting so big and active, I can feel him moving around so much in there. Its such a neat feeling, I can't wait to meet him. Sometimes he moves to the side, and my stomach gets all hard and lopsided, and he kicks and punches to move out of his weird position. He's a funny kid, and already I know he's got a personality.
This weekend, I don't really have any definite plans. Maybe we'll finally put the crib together and start washing some of the baby clothes we've gotten.
Had a psuedo-terrorist attack on the building I work at. Exciting stuff.

So yeah, I have nothing to blog about today. Happy reading.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our little guy is already a football fan!!

David likes these so much, he wants them to be part of the baby's coming home from the hospital outfit! Baby stuff is so cute! BTW, Molly is already starting to plan the baby shower for November 13, so if you don't think I have your address, send it to me or Moe.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Belly Picture!

This is me at 25 weeks, just over 6 months pregnant.

Monday, October 4, 2010

It could only happen to us... Adventures at the DMV

David and I decided to spend some quality time with each other, so we headed down to the Department of Motor Vehicles.
We go in, get our number and see that they're 100 numbers away from ours, and go back out to the car to wait and watch a movie. We're sitting there, minding our own business, looking cute (haha, moe) and suddenly our car jerks violently, to the front, and then to the back. Me, being the blonde pregnant brain that I am, thinks maybe someone sat on our car, or there's an earthquake?? But David, my knight in shining armor, immediately realizes what has just happened, and chases after the car that just smashed into our bumper.

The driver of the other car, who "didn't realize that he hit us" was booking it to the end of the parking lot, trying his darndest to get away. Let me just reiterate here -- we were in the DMV parking lot!! Where people go to aquire licences to operate their vehicles! So the guy comes back, and we politely try to swap insurance info with him. For those of you that know us well, David and I can get a little "fiesty" sometimes, when the situation calls for it... But in this instance, we were calm, polite, didn't even raise our voices. But this crazy driver of the other car is cussing us out, speaking a tirade in another language, just crazy pissed off. I remember David even saying "You're mad because you hit us?? Really?" So while this crazy person is screaming at my husband, I guess he didn't want to give us his insurance info, I remember that there's a security guard at the door of the DMV, and usually he looks pretty bored. I go in, explain the situation, and the guard comes out to help, and the crazy person is screaming at the guard as well. By this time, David is on the phone with the cops, and they can hear the guy throwing a fit and ask, is that him yelling in the back, and David said that he was screaming at his pregnant wife. So they sent the cops over.

Cops come, make the guy give us his info, and we all live happily ever after. Since we were at the Henderson DMV, and the Henderson cops are bored, they sent 2 cop cars over, and asked us if the guy was violent, hit or pushed us, but he didn't, so they didn't get to arrest him. We were wondering if maybe he didn't have insurance, thats why he was throwing a fit, but apparently he did. Its pretty scary who's out there sharing the roads (and parking lots) with us. All that just to renew a licence.