Friday, January 21, 2011

Jetts birthday story

On new years day, we went out to celebrate Molly day, my sister Molly's birthday. Also my brother Telly was about to ship out to Afghanistan for the national guard, so it was our last holiday together as a family for a while. We went to see a movie, True Grit, and after went out to dinner at a buffet, where we ate a big meal.

After dinner I started feeling what I thought were braxton hicks contractions, they weren't very regular and they didn't hurt that much. So I thought I was fine, and we went over to my parents house to play games for Mollys birthday. David and i sat on the couch together and I would mention to him whenever I felt a braxton hicks. We took a family picture, cuz we didn't know if Telly was getting shipped out the next day, and then we left around midnight.

Looking back, it was pretty obvious I was having real contractions, but maybe I was in denial, or just not expecting it so soon. So we got home, and I thought I was just really tense, so I took a bath, and David watched one of his recorded football games, and when I got done, I told him that maybe we should go to the hospital, just to check it out. My pains weren't going away, and I was getting things ready to go to the hospital, since it was over 2 weeks before my due date, I hadn't gotten my bag all packed yet. David says to me, are you sure you just didn't eat something weird at the buffet? And how disappointed are you going to be when they just send you home? I'm still in denial at this piont, so he tells me to go lie down, and time my pains. I go to the bedroom, and sit in a chair, and I feel a little better. I call David to me, and when he comes to the room, I puke. There was no warning, I barely got to the trash can. So he sees it, and suggests that I have food poisoning. He puts me in bed, and cleans up my mess, even got out the carpet cleaner and cleans the carpet. I was trying to time my pains in bed, but it didn't make sense, cuz they were only a minute or two apart. (Duh, Robin) David got done cleaning the carpet, and all of a sudden, I feel a pop, and it felt weird. I tell my husband that either my water just broke, or just less myself. This makes him get into gear, grabbing my bag and taking direction from me, the camera, the phone chargers, my shampoo, and I take my pillow and a towel to sit on and go out to the car. We finally get everything, and go to the hospital. We went to the maternity wing, and go into the triage room to check me, and then I puke again. All over the floor. Sorry. So the nurse calls the maintenance guy, and I'm sitting there having rough contractions while waiting on the guy to mop the floor. (the contractions got way worse after my water broke) Finally he's done, and the nurse checks me, and I ask, still in denial, so am I in labor? She says immediately that my water for sure broke, and then after a second tells me, and your completely dilated. Here's where I go to freak out mode. They had to yell at me to keep me from hyperventilating. Everything got really crazy, they were asking me all the health questions, trying to get David to go move the car, go down and finish registering me, and move me to a laboring room. I get into the bed, and get this weird pressure feeling, like I need to push. The nurses call David back from down the hall, and they call the on call doctor. I start pushing, the doctor gets there, and with no epidural, or pain meds, Jett was born less than 40 minutes after arriving at the hospital. I was telling the nurses that I wanted the epidural, and they told me it wouldn't make any difference by then. David was so good, taking care and comforting me, and I brought up that he didn't believe me that I was in labor! He said, but you were so calm!

Jett arrived on January 2, at 4:01 am, 7lbs 7oz, and 19.5in. He's perfect, the best thing in the world. My life has changed forever, I'm so in love with him.
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011