Monday, September 27, 2010

Pop goes the Belly Button

My "innie" has become an "outie". Nuf said, right? Like, who wants to hear about what my tummy is turning into. But it has officially popped. Just thought you'd like to know. My sweet always nice younger sister was horrified when I showed her, she was literally grossed out, and so I'm not about to post pictures of my darling tummy with its cute belly button. Thanks Molly, for saving me lots of online mockery.

Maternity Pants
I finally went out this weekend and bought my first pair of maternity pants. As I am now 6 months prego, its about time, but I was hesitant. I think in my head, caving and actually buying the pants that fit meant that I was accepting that I am getting fat. I've been using my always helpful BellaBand, as I haven't been able to button my pants for a while now.

While I was hesitant to buy the pants, actually, they are super comfortable!! I am amazed at how comfy they are. I should have caved earlier. These are the best pants in the world. I'm thinking I may wear them when I'm not even pregnant. Events like Thanksgiving and/or going to a buffet take on a whole new meaning! I'm recommending these pants to all you people that have to unbutton their pants after big meals, you know who you are! I think there was an episode of Simpsons where Homer was wearing Marge's maternity pants. I understand the humor so much more now! Like I said, maternity pants are awesome.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Blogging is Jawesome!

So I've managed to put off creating a blog for this long, despite lots of pressure from friends and family members. But my answer has always been that I'm not interesting enough to have a blog. But as a friend pointed out to me recently, I am married, and pregnant, so there must be something interesting going on in my life. I caved and asked my sister to set up my blog. As she was in a generous mood at the time, she happily complied, and here we are.

As I said, I am pregnant, so here is a picture of my 22 week baby belly. My son is practicing Karate in there.

As it is, my pants no longer fit, and its getting a little harder to move around. But, on the plus side, I am no longer puking my guts out every day! Yay for not throwing up!

This is my baby Bella, she is a 4lb yorkie. She really is the coolest/best dog ever and I love her. I'm not really a mushy person, but I get mushy when I talk to my dog. Sorry, but I am that person. You know, the person that has a doggy purse, where she sometimes goes with me on errands. No, I'm not Paris Hilton, my dog is waaaay cuter than hers.

And this is me and my handsome husband on our wedding day. We got sealed in the St George temple on June 7, 2008 and have been happily married since. This is my happily ever after. So now, we're expecting our first kid, a son to make his appearance sometime in January. So yeah, other than that, nothing really very interesting happening in my life.